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Is it weird to add a lot of hosts on LINE? Like if they are all from different clubs? will they talk to each other about me if i add them all and think its weird? thanks so much, big fan of the blog. <3

Doubt it. Most hosts only know hosts within their own club unless they’re higher up and go with their customers to other clubs a lot, and even then there are literally hundreds of clubs so that chances that two guys you’re talking to will know each other and actually give enough of a shit to mention you to one another is… basically none.

That said Kabukicho is quite a small place so… Just be careful about what you say about yourself and how much information you give up.

And thank you!

In regards to Kaito yes it was my first host experience. Im going to get my revenge though haha.

Do your thing, haha. Just be careful! ;)

replied to your post

It seems like “Vincent” has been adopted by Yusuke Matsuoka hahaha. He keeps appearing on his TwitCasts and looking totally fucked up on drugs.

Hahaha, I guess he wants to promote that they have an attractive foreigner in their club. And yeah, he’s probably still on drugs. He said he wasn’t when I asked him, but…

hi! do you know anything about a host named kaede. his club is in akihabara i think? i don't know his host2 profile, but i believe his twitter is @kaekaesan. i met him and we exchanged line IDs and he wants to hang out. idk if he's just trying to get me to go to his club lol.

There are probably at least 30 hosts named Kaede in Kabukicho, but lucky for you his twitter says he works as Ace ~Ikemen Paradise~.

All the hosts I’ve never known from there were douchebags, and his face just looks “hosty” but let’s check hostlove…

Ah yeah. He’s number 2 in the entire Ace group, number 1 for shimei (which means he drags girls there to shimei him all the time, most likely).  His answers on his mini profile were stupid too…

On hostlove he has some legitimately crazy bitch writing chant like messages like “I L O V E Y O U K A E D E” and “I W I L L M A K E Y O U N U M B E R 1” and weird shit like that. Otherwise people seemed to be pretty indifferent, or just saying he only got girls to shimei him because he has a nice face but he’s actually boring.

Based on his host2 profile though I’d say…

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be careful! Sounds like he’s just trying to get customers.

Im messaging you in regards to the shittest most disgusting vile shit of a person to ever live. This host is seriously the worst person youll ever meet. I wanted to warn you and your followers about him. So if you could make a ppst about him itd be apprecisted host2(.)jp/shop/over/kaito/index(.)html I wrote to you about this fuckwit a while back about us dating. How could I have been so dumb. Please read 761 onward of the over hostlove page. Keep away from him seriously!! He fucked me up to

The link: Kaito Hiragi

 feel a little bad for you if this was your first host experience, but you REALLY should have known better. Shimei number 3, host leader at a Fuyutsuki group club? :/

According to hostlove, it seems like he did honei and makura to all of his customers, and won’t return a cell phone that one girl lent him while they were still “dating”. Honestly, I’m not that shocked. Typical host behavior.

But if you don’t want a honei host, I guess you should avoid this one! If you DO want honei however, he might be your guy, haha.

Does Yuto from club LUPIN have a line account?

I don’t know what club he’s at now or if he’s even still working. He’s not at Lupin anymore though.

More sex stories would be amazing, they're pretty great :'D

You guys have to submit! ;)

As for Ryo Sakuya from ReV - yes, he did used to work for Acqua (both, the one in Tokyo while it was still there, and until lately in Osaka). But he did not change his name (it was Sakuya Ryo all the way) nor disappear for any time before changing clubs. It happened quite openly and smoothly. He was actually still in Acqua when I used to go there but I can't say much about the guy as we had almost no interaction with the whatsoever.

Oh okay. I don’t know anything about the guy. Just translated some stuff from hostlove.

www(.)host2(.)jp/shop/randj/rui/index(.)html saw his video on hosttv, anything about him?

LOL Someone said he looks like a saggy goat ahaha.

Um, otherwise, seems like he’s got mixed reviews so to speak. Some people are defending him saying he’s still got a lot of customers and he’s hot, while others are saying his only customers are hostesses who are only going because he went to their hostess club first or fellow hosts from other clubs, and one girl who seems to be infatuated with him and spends a lot on him every month. (I guess she’s a fuuzoku girl or something.)

host2(.)jp/shop/rev/ryo/index(.)html can you help me with Ryo Sakuya from ReV, his hostlove page and all?

Sorry this took so long. His hostlove page is really something.

Apparently it’s basically confirmed that he’s married and has a kid. He’s told several people. Some one was complaining about his breath stinking, haha.

There’s some conspiracy that he used to work for club Acqua and fucked up really badly so he changed his host name and disappeared for a bit before coming back?

Most of hostlove is just shit talking him really.

In my opinion it sounds like he’s probably a good host if you’re willing to spend the money, but you better not get attached or think you’re something special to him.